Precision Part Specialists

Cutlery Treatment

Peters’ Heat Treating provides services for the custom knife maker.

We heat treat ALL grades of steel. Oil hardening steels up to 24” and all others up to 50” in length. All blades are evaluated upon arrival for damage during shipment, straightness, special fixturing needs and heat treating requirements. During processing, all blades are handled individually and by hand. Our processing includes straightening (up to 15 minutes), double tempering (if necessary), cryo treating and hardness testing.

“Working with Peters’ is always worry and stress free. We trust Peters’ completely; they’re the best in the business.” – L.T. Wright Knives

“Peters’ Heat Treat… Technology, knowledge, kindness and customer service at its finest.” – Duane Dwyer, Strider Knives

“Best Cutlery Heat Treater in the World, The Final Destination.” – Edmund Davidson

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